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Developing and enhancing the lives of children by actively honoring God and exemplifying Christian values.

The destination for scholars who seek to change the world

Our Values

Scholastic excellence







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Wanda M.

Former Parent

"My son, Jacobi, matriculated through the halls of JRSCDCA from PreK 2.5 to 5th grade. JRSCDCA provided an accelerated educational curriculum and a Christian-based foundation for Jacobi. Because of the experience he had at JRSCDCA, he adjusted very well when he went to public school. The great academic foundation that he got from JRSCDCA has afforded him to be placed in advanced classes and on the "A" Honor roll. I'm thankful and I feel privileged that my son was under the tutelage of a school that provided accelerated learning and a spiritually-based foundation. "

LaDonna M.

Former Parent

"The JRS CDCA provided the spiritual, educational, and cultural foundation my children needed to excel. Although both are now in middle school, they continue to cherish experiences, memories, and friendships from the JRS CDCA."


Parent and Former Student

"The teachers and administration at the JRS CDCA really encourage each child to embrace scholarship at an early age and to develop a sense of confidence based in God’s Word and by fostering their cultural identity. As an alumnus, I wholeheartedly believe this is something that separates this school from other area schools and was a driving factor for enrolling my own child."

Alicia R.

PARENT JRS CDCA PTO Vice President (2015-2017) JRS CDCA PTO President (2017-2018)

My husband and I chose to enroll our boys in JRS CDCA despite being zoned for a "blue ribbon school" Fall of 2011 (K2-5th grade) until Spring 2018 when our oldest son graduated from the 5th grade as JRS CDCA valedictorian. Living in Alabama in a city that many would consider progressive for the south, I realized early on the challenges my boys would face. It was important to me that my boys learned early on of their strengths with no bias placed upon them. That is what they received at JRS CDCA. Now currently enrolled in those "blue ribbon schools" our boys are excelling in the A.C.E. program and A.P. courses in which they are enrolled. I honestly believe the confidence in their ability came from the foundation and early elementary education they received at JRS CDCA. Learning from teachers and staff that look like you, share a common Black experience and possess a commitment to instill that knowledge into each child that is willing to learn is invaluable. The PTO leadership roles my husband and I were able to take on, enabled us to aid in the enhancement of JRS CDCA. The result, better educational resources for our children and strong life long friendships made with parents and fellow students. It is that common experience at JRS CDCA that binds us.


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~Maya Angelou

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