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A Note From our Founder

Kids in Library
Reverend Dr. Julius Scruggs

In 1981, we observed that there was no African American church-sponsored Child Development Center and Academy in our area. And so, we appointed a task force comprised of members of First Missionary Baptist Church to determine whether one was needed. When the task force finished its study, the conclusion was that a Child Development Center of excellence was needed. Thus, the beginning of the First Missionary Baptist Child Development Center. We began with forty-two students ranging from 2.5 years old to kindergarten. Consequently, we were first known as First Missionary Baptist Child Development Center. Later, we decided to add an Academy – grades one through five. We added a grade per year until we reached the fifth grade. 

We sought to hire and retain competent and compassionate teachers and staff. Across the years, we have been blessed to graduate many excellent students, some of whom have now graduated from colleges and universities with bachelor's, master’s, and a few with Ph.D. degrees. 

Today we are a licensed Child Development Center and an accredited Academy. 

We survived the Covid-19 Pandemic (2019-2022) and are emerging stronger. Under our new name, the Julius R. Scruggs Child Development Center and Academy, we will continue to develop strong academic, spiritual, social, and moral students, who will make a positive difference in our communities and in our world. 

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